Karen's Bio

Hi there! A little about my and my music.

I am a composer, singer/songwriter and musician living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I am currently studying at Macewan University as a Composition Major in the Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music program.

I perform as a soloist as well as in ensembles and bands. I perform Country Music and Classical music. I love all kinds of genres and I compose in for many different ensembles.

I performed for Andrea Menard and Robert Walsh's Metis Cabaret, "Rubaboo" which was hosted by The Grand Theatre in London, Ontario (March 2023), and The Arts Club, in Vancouver, BC (April 2023).

I've performed with Laura Vinson and Free Spirit over the last decade. 

I've travelled from Gwangju, South Korea to South Africa playing music. I've also performed in The Netherlands, Belgium and the US. 


Thank you for taking a moment to read and see my page!